DeMartino Mapping Services

Providing On-Call and Contract Geographic Information
Systems Services since 2008

about us

DeMartino Mapping Services is a woman-owned small business offering on-call and contract GIS services to:

  • Small private-sector businesses
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Municipalities and public agencies
  • Large firms looking to team with an exceptional small business for state or federal contracting.

DeMartino Mapping Services specializes in:

  • production of handsomely-designed maps
  • development of custom GIS data
  • spatial analysis
With DeMartino Mapping Services, you get just the right amount of GIS services - only what you need, but more if you need it. You benefit from principal-level attention and 20 years of diverse GIS experience.
We’re not just another contractor, we’re an essential and dependable team member on every project.



GIS Data Development

Using the latest technology, DMS captures real-world features and builds attribute databases for custom mapping projects or spatial analysis. All GIS data created is specific to your needs.



Cartography and Map Production

DMS specializes in producing geographically-accurate, aesthetically-pleasing, and often cartographically-complex maps for use in reports, documents, websites, and for public presentation.



Spatial Analysis

Clients gain the most from their GIS data when carefully-designed maps are coupled with numerical summaries. Once GIS data for your area has been developed, DMS can run the required analysis.


Our Projects

DeMartino Mapping Services is proud to have supported hundreds of projects across California and Nevada by providing GIS data development, mapping, and analytical services. Although accomplished in multiple disciplines, projects have been focused on planning and the environment:

  • General Plan and Zoning Updates
  • Specific Plans and Master Plans
  • Transportation Plans
  • Environmental Impact Reports
  • NEPA and CEQA Compliance
  • Biological Assessments
  • Wetland Delineations
  • Vegetation, Wildlife, and Habitat Mapping, including California Natural Diversity Database
  • Forestry and Fire Protection
  • Hazard Mitigation Plans

For detailed descriptions of several of our recent projects, click here


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