BirdReturns Project, The Nature Conservancy, Sacramento, California

DeMartino Mapping Services is proud to support the Nature Conservancy’s BirdReturns project, a pilot project combining crowd-sourced data, hard science, and economic incentives to provide pop-up habitats for migratory birds on rice fields in the Sacramento Valley. The Central Valley is an important part of the Pacific Flyaway, a grand route of bird migration from Alaska to South America. However, due to the conversion of natural wetlands to farmlands and cities, migratory birds are losing valuable habitat in California, making their seasonal migrations difficult. BirdReturns creates temporary habitat at the exact time and place migrating birds need a period.

GIS work completed for this project included:

  • Incorporate GIS processes into established workflow
  • Integration of base data from numerous subscription services
  • Develop GIS database of farm blocks and fields
  • Develop and populate attribute table of farm blocks and fields

Since February of 2014, the Nature Conservancy has created over 40,000 acres of Pop-Up Habitats and counted over 1 million birds on these fields. Densities are 30% higher than the numbers found elsewhere in the Central Valley. The BirdReturns program will continue as a pilot project for several seasons until it is proven to be a viable solution to this environmental problem

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