Colusa County General Plan Update And Environmental Imact Report (EIR)

DeMartino Mapping Services is proud to have supported the Colusa County General Plan Update and EIR. The updated General Plan provided the county with a 20-30-year growth plan designed to balance the demand for increased services, expand opportunities for local residential and commercial development, and preserve the agricultural resources and rural lifestyle of the county. The work effort included an extensive public outreach and participation program, the development of a county-wide GIS database, policy development in collaboration with a steering committee, a conservation plan for agriculture, open space, and wildlife, and preparation of an EIR. GIS work completed for this project included:

  • Development of parcel-specific General Plan layer for all of Colusa County, with special focus on nine smaller community areas within the county
  • Integration and revision of data from a variety of sources to create one cohesive county-wide geographic database
  • Creation of large-format maps for use in community-wide visioning workshops
  • Integration and analysis of tax assessor data
  • Land use alternative analysis with tabular output
  • Extensive thematic map production

On July 31, 2012, the Colusa County Board of Supervisors adopted the General Plan Update and certified the Environmental Impact Report.

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