Galena Creek Streambank Stabilization at Joy Lake Road Bridge, Washoe County, Nevada

DeMartino Mapping Services is proud to have supported the Joy Lake Road Bridge Stream Bank Stabilization Project. In 2012, the Nevada Department of Transportation had identified the Joy Lake Road Bridge over Galena Creek as a “scour critical” bridge. In accordance with the Clean Water Act Section 404, the project included a Jurisdictional Delineation of the proposed bridge replacement site. GIS work completed for this project included:

  • Provision of field maps
  • GPS data collection, post-processing, and mapping
  • CAD data integration
  • Digitization and aerial photo interpretation
  • Spatial calculations
  • Impact analysis
  • Custom map production in USACE-required format
  • Data coordination with public and private agencies

A USACE 404 permit was secured and the stream bank stabilization project was completed in 2013.

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