Heavenly Mountain Resort Epic Discovery Master Plan Amendment, El Dorado County, California and Douglas County, Nevada

DeMartino Mapping Services is proud to have supported the Heavenly Mountain Resort Epic Discovery Master Plan Amendment. The Master Plan Amendment was designed to expand and diversify year-round non-skiing recreational opportunities at Heavenly, primarily for summer use. Proposed activities included zipline and sky cycle canopy tours, alpine coasters, and mountain bike parks. GIS tasks for this project included:

  • Comprehensive data gathering and coordination from public and private sources
  • Extensive CAD data integration
  • Digitization and aerial photo interpretation
  • Cartographically-complex map production
  • Spatial calculations
  • Impact and overlay analysis

The final EIR/EIS was certified unanimously by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Governing Board and the Lahontan Board as a sound technical and scientific document that found that no significant environmental effects would result from the implementation of the selected Master Plan Amendment alternative.

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