DeMartino Mapping Services (DMS) is available to provide a variety of GIS support services to private-sector businesses, non-profit organizations, and public agencies.

gis data development

DMS has the technical expertise to create and maintain GIS data specific to your needs. Using the latest technology, DMS can capture real-world features and build the appropriate attribute databases for custom mapping projects or spatial analysis:

  • Digitization – GIS data creation from aerial photo or from existing paper maps
  • GPS data acquisition – data collection in the field, post-processing, and mapping
  • CAD conversion – integrating project specific CAD data with other GIS data sets, or converting existing GIS data into CAD format
  • Aerial photo acquisition
  • Data subscription service

Cartography and Map Production

DeMartino Mapping Services specializes in the production of geographically-accurate, aesthetically-pleasing, and often cartographically-complex maps for use in reports, documents, websites, and for public presentation. Delivery formats include:

  • Digital – as jpeg, PDF, or KML files
  • Hardcopy – document- or poster-sized
  • Online – as a web-based map

To view a handful of map samples, go to the Map Gallery

Spatial Analysis

Mapping and spatial analysis are intimately linked. Once GIS data for your area has been developed, DMS can run the required analysis with output generally produced in tabular or map form. Clients gain the most from their GIS data when carefully-designed maps are coupled with numerical summaries.

  • Area impact calculations
  • Proximity analysis
  • Statistical summaries
  • Overlay analysis
  • Surface analysis
  • Viewshed / line of site analysis
  • Shadow modeling
DeMartino Mapping Services

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